Chart a Course for Culinary Artistry
Posted: Jun. 18, 2018

A local restaurant near our Weehawken apartments with an artful vibe.

Staring across the river, the mind wanders. Millions of people, millions of stories. The panorama of the Manhattan skyline promises greatness and, for a gleaming spot on the banks of the Hudson River minutes away from RiverHouse 11, it delivers.

The Chart House is known worldwide for stunning waterfront scenery and delicious food. The Weehawken, New Jersey, location doesn’t disappoint, with million dollar views of New York City and unique cuisine, including seafood specialties and classic fare.

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It may just be coincidence that “art” is embedded in the Chart House name; but the beautifully plated dishes and masterful execution of every aspect of the experience, which extends to the bar and its fabulous happy hour, rightfully earn the association.


If you find yourself looking for inspiration by the water, perhaps a cocktail – shrimp or otherwise – The Chart House will bring creative clarity to your day.  And we’re just a mile away if you leave feeling inspired for more life on the water.