Aspire to climb higher at RiverHouse 11
Posted: Aug. 21, 2018

The climbing wall at our apartments in Weehawken, NJ, elevates modern living.

There are climbing walls and then there are artistic statements that you can climb. The wall at RiverHouse 11 is most definitely the latter. Sharp angles and striking colors create a bold canvas to ascend. If you’re looking for a climbing wall in New York, this epic example will fit the bill.


No one can match the natural beauty of a sheer granite cliff face, so our wall aspires to capture a beauty of a different sort. Inspired by geometric modern art, this wall gives our residents and guests a fresh interpretation of what a climbing wall can be—a visual statement where form follows function.


Whether climbing alone or with friends, the RiverHouse 11 climbing wall provides multiple challenges for climbers of all skill levels. The wall itself is a 20-foot-high, 33-foot-wide High Performance Wall™ by Eldorado, one of the country’s premier climbing-wall builders. It’s solidly supported with steel framing and interlocking tiles with a rock-like texture to give you the grip you need; and the holds can be rearranged for an ever-changing experience.

The wall features five individual climbing lanes, so up to five people can climb at one time. Each lane is outfitted with Head Rush Technologies’ TRUBLUE auto belay systems that make it easy to climb alone and never need a friend to hold your belay line. The TRUBLUE systems are some of the most technologically advanced, using magnetic braking and automatically adjusting to the weight of each climber, giving everyone, big and small, a smooth descent.


Whether it’s a light climb to get the blood flowing in the morning or an all-day assault on the summit, experimenting with new routes and holds, this wall offers whatever you desire. And, it’s just one more perk of living in our unbelievably stunning community. Come see our climbing wall, just across the Hudson River from New York, and experience all the other amenities that make the apartments of RiverHouse 11 so unforgettable.