A new look at luxury at RiverHouse 11
Posted: Oct. 10, 2018

Access to everyday luxury abounds at our apartments in Weehawken, NJ.

In considering The Collection by RiverHouse 11, and the latest theme, “Luxury”, a list of some everyday luxuries available to RiverHouse 11 residents seemed not only appropriate, but also a great way to inspire you to share with us for The Collection.


Stroll along the Hudson

There is nothing quite like walking along the banks of the Hudson River. A stroll by the water is always a centering experience, but when you pair it with the grand skyline of Manhattan on the other side, it’s magical. So many stories, so much activity is captured in the view, yet, it is such a tranquil scene. It is a truly luxurious experience that elevates the soul and puts everything in perspective. A life at RiverHouse 11 puts you steps away from making this an everyday luxury.


Brunch at Molos

While you’re walking along the river, you’ll inevitably feel a twinge of hunger along the way, especially if you catch the delicious aromas emanating from our second local luxury, Molos Restaurant. Serving Greek-inspired seafood, the menu is your oyster to open and be delighted. Whether it’s lunch brunch dinner or happy hour, grab a table and enjoy views of the water and the fresh, succulent bounty of the sea.


Art Galleries and Museums

Dedicate a day to the appreciation of beauty, creation, and artistic expression. While most galleries and museums are not in Weehawken, the practically effortless access to the city is why Port Imperial is such an attractive place to live. Between The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) and The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) you have works from ancient and modern masters to peruse just minutes away. Add to that the multitude of galleries that dot the city in Chelsea, SoHo, and beyond, and you can consider yourself extremely fortunate to have so many options to expand your world.


An apartment at RiverHouse 11

It’s no surprise to find RiverHouse 11 here, is it? The ideal blend of character and upscale spaces provides a home that delivers so much more than a place to live. It offers access to exquisite and artful amenities, including an extraordinary climbing wall and eclectic gathering spaces. It offers fabulous apartments that straddle the line of comfort and style, with the added bonus of having a world-class location. RiverHouse 11 at Port Imperial delivers all manner of luxuries to each of its residents daily. Perhaps it’s time for you to schedule a tour and see how life can be at RiverHouse 11.