Equip your kitchen with substance and style
Posted: Aug. 29, 2018

Outfit our Weehawken apartments to accentuate your style.

An apartment at RiverHouse 11 at Port Imperial deserves to be filled with artful objects that look and perform exceptionally.


Let’s start with a blank canvas—the kitchen. It’s a designer’s kitchen. It’s a chef’s kitchen. It’s form and function wrapped into one, with gorgeous quartz countertops, elegant modern fixtures and stainless steel appliances. Yet, how you fill it will change its character to fit your style.


A kitchen such as this deserves to be filled with implements that match the beauty and usefulness of the space. What is the first thing every kitchen needs? A knife. But not just any knife. You need a sharp, durable and versatile blade that’s utility is only rivaled by its looks.


It’s time to venture out and find your Excalibur. Consider kitchen stores that serve home cooks and those that cater to professionals, as well. Each type of store has advantages, and one may appeal to you more than the other.


High-end stores like Sur La Table and Williams Sonoma have beautiful knives, from santoku to Western-style chef’s knives in layered Damascus steel. They also have knowledgeable and friendly staff, as well as a host of fancy appliances and kitchen accoutrements; and, they’ll sharpen any favorite knives you already have.


Restaurant kitchen supply stores are geared toward the professional, and tend to be more cluttered and lacking on presentation, but their staffs are equally helpful and informed. You’ll be able to outfit yourself at Bowery Kitchen Supplies in Chelsea Market; plus, you can pick up some specialty ingredients while you’re there. Or, you can head to JB Prince in Midtown for something in between. They have restaurant-caliber equipment and high-end offerings, all in one place.


After you’ve acquired your knife (and, perhaps, a lovely hardwood cutting board), you may want to check out Hudson Table to sharpen your culinary skills. Located just down the way in Hoboken, they offer cooking classes for all skill levels and interests. From recreating your favorite fast food to teaching the secrets of making Korean fried chicken to couples nights, Hudson Table can help turn your meals into culinary masterpieces.


Now, the only thing you need to do is stock your kitchen with the best ingredients. You’re just minutes away from some of the finest vendors in the world for whatever you want to cook; but that’s another article.


We hope this helps unlock the possibilities of one of our designer kitchens. Schedule a tour and be inspired with what could be your new apartment at RiverHouse 11.