The Collection by RiverHouse 11 Featured Artist: Brian Wong
Posted: Jun. 22, 2018

RiverHouse 11, Weehawken apartments that will inspire your outlook

We’re so happy to introduce our first featured artist for The Collection by RiverHouse 11 – Brian Wong.

Just one look at Brian Wong’s work and you can tell that he is incredibly inspired by New York. The glass, the grandeur, the gleaming architecture in all of its glory, Wong’s Instagram @brianw0ng is a visual poem to the structures of the city.

?: @brianw0ng

With a focus on buildings, bridges and the like, it’s amazing the humanity Wong teases out of limited appearances of people – a hand holding a phone here, a wayward pedestrian there…oh, there’s a pumpkin! The sometimes-whimsical pics capture an awe-inspiring view of New York from the top down – and sometimes in-between.

With his “Think Less. Live More.” motto, you can begin to understand how and why he makes the time to find these breathtakingly beautiful views of the city on the regular. And, with his propensity for dropping tidbits of wisdom here and there, including his pseudo-catchphrase, “You’ve been wonged”, he’s a genuine, fun and interesting guy to follow.

Check him out and hopefully you’ll be inspired to capture your own vision of the city for our upcoming extension of The Collection by RiverHouse 11.

?: @brianw0ng

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