The Collection by RiverHouse 11 Featured Artist: Patrick Kolts
Posted: Jul. 12, 2018

RiverHouse 11, Weehawken apartments that will inspire your life.

With a keen eye, beautiful photography and a knack for storytelling, Patrick Kolts creates visual masterpieces that resonate with everyone who comes across his work. Since there are so many stories to tell in the city, he was an ideal selection as a featured artist for The Collection by RiverHouse 11.

Kolts highlights a little bit of everything in his photos, from portraits to architecture to nature to family to food to cars, all framed in the context of everyday life. A quick visit to his Instagram page, @patrickkolts, and you can’t miss his optimism and innate sense of capturing the beauty in front of him, wherever he may be. You’ll also get a sense of his fun, friendly and sometimes quirky personality, beckoning you to explore even further into his work. For a more professional view of Kolts’ photography, his website,, takes you on a journey to discover some of the stories he has told through his lens.


His work in New York is no different than the rest of his shots: phenomenal. Shots of brownstone streetscapes, mixed with iconic landmarks and seemingly mundane moments, are captured in a way that makes every scene come alive.

Peruse Patrick Kolts’ work and be inspired to tell your own story in the city for The Collection by RiverHouse 11.


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